Art Crumbles – Nijmegen (Holland)

Art Crumbles – Nijmegen (Holland)

2012 – a cold experiment












Groupshow with many (international) artists at a huge unheated building.

The assignment was to create a new work inspired by and responding on the location assigned to the artist.

Also the idea was to get out of your comfort zone if possible.








In my case I was invited based on my ‘Meermin’ serie.

so I tried to create a stopmotionfilm based on the ‘Meermin’ works.

I was gonna try to translate a normaly static work into a moving one

I shot the work on location which was in the basement in a nice but cold space.

An artist before me coverded the walls with A4 prints of trees, later partly painted white by another artist..,

this gave some strange winterlandscape feeling in which I based my subject on.

‘Minnevlucht’ freely translated as Fleeing Mins.

filmstills AC






Art Cr schets - Minno

A scetchfase / researching possebilities